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Re: MathCad (was TEDDS)

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>Then, in the early 1990's, I received a flier in the mail offering MathCad 
>for $99.00 and I took advantage of that offer.  Then, I got another flier in 
>the mail, from the same place (MathCad in Buffalo, NY), offering MathCad for 
>$45.  (One flier came to my office; the other to my home.)

I had a similar experience with MathCad only in spades. About the same 
time they put out a Mac port at about the same friendly price. It was 
crap--the second worst program I ever ran. It crashed, the interface was 
wobbly, print quality was garbage. The 'upgrade' was worse. When I called 
MathSoft a fairly snotty marketing guy told me to get a PC. I provided 
some counter-suggestions of my own and swore I'd never use the program 
again. I was tempted when MathSoft came up with another Mac port a few 
years later, but I got over that. Apparently it was the same POS as the 
first MathCad port was and it never went anywhere. 

Between Excel, some roll-my-own code and a couple of other programs, I've 
been happily doing without MathSoft ever since. Merging Excel results 
into Word documents gives me the advantages of typed manual calculations 
and plenty of math in Excel. And there are plenty of good math packages 
around if Excel can't hack it.

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