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Mistakes in Strength of Anchorage to Concrete - PCA

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Following is a copy of my message to the Portland Cement Associations sent
on May 4th.  To date I haven't an acknowledgement that they are going to
respond to this.  The errata page dated 1/27/00 accompanying this
publication provides for 22 errors and omissions that were to be corrected.
 If I was a plan checker I would be kicking this publication back.  This
publication was recommended here on this Listserver.  In the preface there
is this statement:  "PCA would be grateful to any reader who would bring
errors and inconsistencies found in this first edition."   Well, I guess
the errata sheet gets them off the hook for the many errors and omissions.  

"To: Basile Rabbat <basile_rabbat(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Mistakes in Strength of Anchorage to Concrete


I just receive a copy of "Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete" by
Ronald Cook along with an errata.  Could you provide me with the full
corrected sentence of the first item on the errata - i.e. Page 3.  I notice
that someone also has a "?" mark here.

There are so many corrections to pages B-7 and B-15, that I would like new
copies of these pages with the corrections included.

Thank you,

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates
consulting structural engineers"

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