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Re: Engineer's Lack of Respect

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Thank you Dennis:
I feel we are on the same side of the field; sometimes I have to hear
from one of my uncles( Two of them are Civil Engineers") "Don't argue
with me; after all,I have teached you anything you know about engineer's
practice!. They usually don't like to know or accept that everything is
changing. Just talk to them about modern seismic design in reinforced
concrete frames or steel frames: "Why can't I put more steel in a beam
if I feel like it? It will be stronger! ".

Warm regards.

Juan Carlos.

Structuralist wrote:
> Juan,
> Don't feel bad. I went through this with my parents - neither of whom
> understood this field or what I really did for a living. My dad died in
> February and almost to his final days he would ask me who checked my work.
> The turning point occurred only 8 years ago when I broke ground on my own
> home - which I designed and built. He was vacationing here at the time from
> Chicago and spent every waking hour on the job site while I was in Los
> Angeles taking care of clients. My father and I finally came together for
> the first time in nearly 44 years. The only real problem I had was a crack
> across the driveway where the soil was not compacted after the sprinkler
> pipe was put in. My father laid out the sprinklers and I never let him live
> it down:>)
> On his 80th birthday, I presented him with a plaque - "Dave Wish and Son -
> Home Builder". Accompanying this was a photo album of almost every day he
> spent on the site and the progress of the home from start to near finish (it
> will never be finished). This was his last "fling" and when he died, the
> photo album came back to me.
> You will always be your parents child - no matter what.
> Regards,
> Dennis
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> > Any time my mother needs any repair on the house, she will call a
> > contractor( roofer, plumber, etc.) and ask me to be present.
> > When the worker explains what she proposes to do, she will then say she
> > will have to talk with an experienced engineer( one of my uncles), and
> > finally asks me if I agree with this.
> > She still does not think I am a "real engineer".
> >
> > Juan C. Gray
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