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Eccentrically Loaded Bolts

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I'm confused and hope someone can help me.  I have to size eccentrically
loaded bolts.  I have two text book that I've been using as a reference. One
is "Applied Structural Steel Design" by Leonard Seiegel and George F.
Limbrunner.  The other is "Applied Strength of Materials" by Robert L. Mott.
The two books differ in their representation of forces on the bolts.
Namely, the force "Rp" which is due to the axial effect of the eccentric
load and "Rm" due to the torsional moment effect.  One is totally opposite
from the other and I'm not quite sure which is correct.  If a load, "P" is
acting downward at a distance, "e" from the Center of Gravity of the bolt
pattern would the force, Rp also act downward like "P" or upward?  Also,
since the load, "P" is acting downward the resulting moment, "M" will be
clockwise. So, will the force, "Rp" also be clockwise or counterclockwise?
Thank you in advance.

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