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Re: Eccentrically Loaded Bolts

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>I have to size eccentrically loaded bolts.
I go into this a while back and the only thing that helped was to go back 
to my original strength of materials text and carry out the arithmetic. 
When I tried just plugging into equations I got really screwed up. The 
Steel Construction Manual (8th edition ) has a good presentation of both 
the elastic method and the ultimate strength method. 

It's not terribly complicated if you understand where it all comes from. 
For the elastic method you resolve the eccentric load into two shear 
forces and an out-of plane force and three moments, one twisting moment 
and two in-plane moments. The forces get distributed between the 
fasteners uniformly and the moments are sisted by forces which vary with 
the distance from the centroid of the fastener group. 

The ultimate strength method is another beast altogether. It's more 
accurate, but there's no closed form solution. You can use the 
coefficients in the Steel Construction Manual easy enough, but I wouldn't 
try to work it out from the outline given. It's probably not too 
difficult to program, but it'll take some digging to get all the details.

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