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Instructions For Copying Long Links and

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You wrote:

. > In the mean time, you can work your way through the "tree" by starting at
. > While here, you can click on a link at the
. > left side of the page - buttons are for web pages, hyperlink (Forums) are 
. > to access the discussion forums (and software tools).

I find it virtually impossible to navigate your web site.  
It is typical Windoze in that you have to guess which forum you want to go 
to, then if you guess wrong (which may mean that you are several limbs down 
the tree), you have to go back to the beginning and guess again.

Wouldn't it be so much easier to list the fora in columns on your home page, 
with the limbs beneath them?  Such as:

   Forum A             Forum B          Forum C        Forum D

   Topic A1            Topic B1         Topic C1       Topic D1
    Subtopic A1a        Subtopic B1b     ....

I think that you get the idea.

Roger Turk

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