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Discontinuous shear wall load path

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In accordance with UBC 1630.8.2, "elements" supporting discontinuous systems
shall have the design strength to resist the combination loads resulting
from the special seismic load combinations of Section 1612.4, with the
exception that Em need not exceed the maximum force that can be transferred
to the element by the lateral force resisting system.

Now, assuming that the "maximum force that can be transferred to the system"
is adequately determined, my question is:  What constitutes "elements"?

Assume that in a wood framed structure, there is an interior second floor
shear wall which occurs over floor joists that are perpendicular to the
wall.  There is no stacking wall below and the nearest shear wall is several
feet away (load is transferred via the diaphragm to adjacent walls).  Also
assume that there are overturning loads and resisting devices at each end of
the wall.  So...which element(s) need to be designed for the special load

Here is a list of the elements:  Hold down device and post, beam supporting
hold down device, beam connection to adjacent wall, post and footing
supporting this beam, floor diaphragm (magnify shear load to check strength
level of diaphragm?), and finally...the adjacent shear walls (since,
technically, they are the "supports" for the lateral load from the above,
offset, shear wall?

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