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RE: Architectural Low Rise Projects (Lateral Stability)

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>you are right. These Architects are bunch of ass holes. They have no sense ( 
>common or otherwise! ) of engineering,
You oughta cut these guys some slack Next time you admire a well-designed 
house, think about what it would look like as a 'optimum' structure. 
Probably a pre-fab cube (easy to manufacture) or a hemisphere (stiff and 
strong) no windows to weaken the transverse loading response. No paint or 
other decorative frippery. Interiors all alike to make the plumbing and 
wiring cheaper. All the lighting would be the same because the interiors 
would be standardized. What you'd probably end up with is those grim, 
endlessly repeated apartment complexes typical of East Berlin or Moscow. 
But it'd be efficient.

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