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RE: Architectural Low Rise Projects (Lateral Stability)

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Thank you Frank.  I agree with you.  I am impressed by many of the
participants on this list; but there are many that ask questions or make
statements that make me wonder how they ever got the right to identify
themselves as engineers.

Roger C. Davis
SDS Architects, Inc.

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I beg to differ with you. I happen to be an Architect, and I wouldn't be
monitoring the threads on this listserver if I 'had no sense, common or
otherwise'. This is a very ill worded and improper generalization. I am
personally aquainted with civil engineers who know less about structural
engineering than I do.

Best regards,

Frank M Glazewski - Architect

syed faiz ahmad wrote:

> Gentlemen
> you are right. These Architects are bunch of ass holes. They have no sense
> common or otherwise! ) of engineering, leave alone the stability issue.
> them its easy to make lines without realising the complexity of integrity
> stability of structures.

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