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RE: Instructions For Copying Long Links

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Sorry if I did not make myself clear, but I was not talking about a search 
engine or going from column to column, but directly to that limb or branch 
or leaf or bud from the home page.

For example, using a similar illustration (but expanded) that I used in my 
previous comment:

      Forum A              Forum B              Forum C

      Topic A1             Topic B1             Topic C1
       Subtopic A1a         Subtopic B1a         Subtopic C1a
       Subtopic A1b         Subtopic B1b         Subtopic C1b
      Topic A2             Topic B2             Topic C2
       Subtopic A2a         Subtopic B2a         Subtopic C2a
        Subsubtopic A2a1   Topic B3               Subsubtopic C2a1
         Leaf A2a1         etc

If you want to go to "Leaf A2a1" you click on "Leaf A2a1" and you are there.  
You don't have to do summersaults or travel a maze to get there.

If I want to get information on a Simpson product, I know where I want to go, 
and don't want to do a whole lot of guessing or clicking or making a bunch of 
wrong turns in a maze to get there.

Have you ever compared what FrontPage shows you the HTML code is and the HTML 
code that you see with a pure text editor/viewer?

Roger Turk

Dennis Wish wrote:

. > Roger,

. > Actually the software is Unix based, not "Windoze". Most operating systems
. > follow the directory structure. The Discussion forum software is written 
. > in PERL - no relation to MS products. The website is written in MS 
. > FrontPage, but virtually all websites follow the flow-chart type of logic.
. > Admittedly, the Structuralist.Net lacks a decent search engine - which is 
. > my fault as I have not learned how to activate the site search tools 
. > available through the web-hosting service.

. > Roger, the Structuralist.Net has less than 18 pages total and they are
. > divide over three root folders. The current navigation is not difficult 
. > and the links are in tact. If I understand your suggestion for logic 
. > filtering, this is what I am using on the Reference and Code web page. It 
. > is a JavaScript "jump-menu" where you start with a major category in 
. > column A like Connectors, In column B you choose between Simpson, Harlen, 
. > etc. and in Column C you chose the document or reference you want that 
. > relates to the first two choices. While I find it easy to use, the growing
. > number of documents makes it cumbersome to scroll through.

. > The good news is that I am recreating the web page to simplify the 
. > retrieval of documents and cleaning up the appearance of the site, there 
. > are things that you can do to relieve the frustration you have. You can 
. > use bookmarks and store favorite pages once you find them. You can use 
. > the back button more efficiently. In other words, most browsers track 
. > every step and you don't have to incrementally go back, but can pull down 
. > the list of steps and jump to any point you want.

. > I don't currently have a site search feature and I admit this would help 
. > but I don't know how to institute it. I am still learning how to work in 
. > java, JavaScript and most important am testing to make sure that whatever 
. > I use I can gain the most technology but maintain cross-platform 
. > compatibility. In other words, that the site will work easily well in 
. > Internet Explorer or Netscape (starting back at version 4 of each).

. > So while I am doing what I can to improve the retrieval of information, 
. > help me a bit by learning to use the features of your browser to the 
. > fullest. I do appreciate the frank comment and hope you understand that 
. > this is a strong concern of mine.

. > Regard,
. > Dennis

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