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Re: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?

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>Can anyone give me any guidance on desirable structural engineering CAD 
>software for Macintosh, mainly for smaller projects including wood 
Depends on your budget. If Claris CAD work for you, CADintosh is a 
shareware program with about the same level of functionality at the right 
price. Deneba CAD is worth a try. It imports ACAD R14 drawings (at least 
the ones my clients send me) and others. There's also a certina amount of 
solid modelling, and the price is also pretty good. Check the Deneba Web 
site. At the high end is Ashlar Vellum and Ashlar Solids, pricy, but it's 
a first rate package. I only tried out the demo a few years ago and it 
was like working a mind-reader. PowerDraw does 2D drafting--if you're jus 
tlooking for drawing production you should check it out. Microstation had 
a Mac version at one point, which I've tried, but it was a mess--too much 
stuff and pretty clumsy. If you're loooking for an analysis package, try 
Multiframe. <> I haven't used it because it's 
oriented toward buildings, which I don't do. Graphic Magic also has CAD 

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