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RE: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?

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>Yes, my computer is
>a relic but it's simple to use and I never have virus problems.
The term 'relic' takes on a whole new meaning with the Mac, thanks to 
backwards compatibility. I still use a 12 year old copy of MacDraw for 
making the odd quick sketch, and Word 5.1 runs just as solid and about 
100 times faster with OS 9.1 as it did on my old Mac Plus. 

I forgot to mention TurboCAD by IMSI. I don't think it's supported any 
more, and the interface is a little strange--I presume it's a port, 
although a nice one. It's another building design and layout program, 
with some nominal 3D capability. I have an older version that was given 
me a few years ago. If you're interested let me know off list.

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