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Re: Siesmic

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H. Daryl Richardson wrote:

> Sir,
> I don't know the answer to your question; but you may have some
> critical information missing.  You should have/get a copy of User's
> Guide - NBC 1995 Structural Commentaries (Part 4) if you are using 1995
> National Building Code of Canada.  These commentaries are published as a
> companion to (but not part of) the NBC.  The structural parts of the
> Ontario code are very similar to the NBC and reference the same
> commentaries (or at least this was the case with the last edition I had
> occasion to check).
> Do not try to use an American code for a Canadian project!  There are
> significant differences relating to safety factors and loading
> combinations.  For instance, there is NO 33% increase in allowable
> stresses for for some load cases involving wind os seismic loading.
> Regards,
> H. Daryl Richardson
> Jnapd(--nospam--at) wrote:
> >
> > We have been contacted to design a portable batchplant for the Ottawa,
> > Ontario Canada area.  Does anyone know if there is any relationship
> > concerning the UBC seismic zones  and the Ontario Building Code Seismic
> > Za, Zv, and zonal velocity ratio ??
> >

If you have a copy of the Ontario Building Code you will see that it refers
you to the NBC Commentary, as Daryl Richardson stated. It's described at the
IRC-NRC website:

The Ontario Code is available on the web starting from here:

You need to select the download versions (not all the tables are not in the
.htm files) of O. Reg. 403/97.

The OBC is based on the NBC, but it includes some extra requirements. The
NBC is only a model Code (although it is adopted unchanged in some
provinces). The OBC is the Code applicable in Ontario.

Take note of his comments re differences between US and Canadian Codes. We
don't use ASD here at all, and our Limits States Design is a little
different to the US LRFD & strength design methods. To resolve theses issues
you will need the applicable material design standards from CSA.

Peter James
Novatech Engineering Consultants Ltd.

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