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RE: Instructions For Copying Long Links

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Roger - See my comments below

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> From: Roger Turk [mailto:73527.1356(--nospam--at)]
> Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 7:21 AM
> To: seaint(--nospam--at)
> Subject: RE: Instructions For Copying Long Links
> Dennis,
> Sorry if I did not make myself clear, but I was not talking about
> a search
> engine or going from column to column, but directly to that limb
> or branch
> or leaf or bud from the home page.
> For example, using a similar illustration (but expanded) that I
> used in my
> previous comment:
>       Forum A              Forum B              Forum C
>       Topic A1             Topic B1             Topic C1
>        Subtopic A1a         Subtopic B1a         Subtopic C1a
>        Subtopic A1b         Subtopic B1b         Subtopic C1b
>       Topic A2             Topic B2             Topic C2
>        Subtopic A2a         Subtopic B2a         Subtopic C2a
>         Subsubtopic A2a1   Topic B3               Subsubtopic C2a1
>          Leaf A2a1         etc
> If you want to go to "Leaf A2a1" you click on "Leaf A2a1" and you
> are there.
> You don't have to do summersaults or travel a maze to get there.

I see what you are saying. This is my intention using a vertical expanding
menu-tree. The UltraBoard software will allow me to display only subjects
but does not have a built-in Menu structure other than starting at the root
page and working down the folders. For example, Forum A is the Public
Discussion, Forum B the Professional and Forum C the Educational.
Look at Forum B-Professional. Forum B is a category. What you call "Topic
B1, B2 and B3" are called "Boards" and Subtopics are the individual
What is not appearant to you is that the path is always indicated above the
forum headings. When first logging on, you are at "Index". If you want to go
to the "Softare Productivity Tools" you will see "Index/Professional" above
the box with all the messages AND "Software Productivity Tools" as the title
of the box containing all the messages. If you want to go back to the
Professional Forum, you only need to click on the word "Professional" in the
Path ("Index/Professional). The same if you want to return to the root to
switch over to the "Public forum" you need only click on "Index".
Granted, it is not a bright blue Hyperlink, however, there are help files
and I believe this instructs you how to navigate easier. If not - I will
certainly add one.

Roger, I can see how this is frustrating and I thank you as you are the
first to bring this to my attention. I take it for granted because I work
with the software regularly.

You can, BTW, search the discussion forum. This search engine works well. I
was refering to a search engine for the web page. REMEMBER:The
Structuralist.Net Website is different from the Structuralist.Net Discussion
Forums - different software and different layout.

Finally, the Tree-menu's I was refering to would be located on the
Structuralist.Net Web Page - simplifying the navigation of the Discussion
forum. So if you wanted to go to the discussion on Perforated Shearwalls,
you can do so from the Web-page - "Table of Contents" (Vertical Expanding
Tree-menu). I intend to set this up so that the tree-menu is always on
screen and the Discussion messages are always in a separate browser window.
When done on one forum, just click on another location off the tree menu and
that page appears.

> If I want to get information on a Simpson product, I know where I
> want to go,
> and don't want to do a whole lot of guessing or clicking or
> making a bunch of
> wrong turns in a maze to get there.

The Reference Library (Adhesives, Coatings, Wood, Steel (Hot-Rolled), Steel
(Cold-Formed), Connectors etc. are located on the Structuralist.Net
Reference page. This currently uses the jump-menu's I was refering to. I
purposely left them off the Discussion software as it was not practical to
use this software for reference information links.
I am also changing this over to Vertical Expanding Tree-Menu's which are
much more User Friendly and give more information on the page. I am also
removing individual documents such as Simpson SET Adhesives to provide one
link to the Simpson Web Page for Adhesive Catalogs or All catalogs. This
lets you spend the time on the Simpson Website to seek the information you
need and to use the Structuralist.Net hyperlinks more effectively as a
"Portal" to get you there. As the amount of information grows, the need to
simplify becomes a basic requirment.

> Have you ever compared what FrontPage shows you the HTML code is
> and the HTML
> code that you see with a pure text editor/viewer?
> Roger Turk

I have not done a direct comparison. There is really no purpose to it as the
code itself can not show me how compatible the pages are in one browser over
another. I do look at the statistics on which browsers are viewing the site.
For example, from today's latest records since the start of the Discussion
forum, the breakdown on browsers is as follows:

Netscape Navigator 3 = 0.10%
Opera 5 = 0.17%
AOL Browser 4 = 0.19%
WebTV = 0.22%
Mozilla Compatible Browser = 0.31%
MS Internet Explorer 6 = 0.84%
Netscape Navigator 5 = 1.06%
AOL Browser 5 = 1.25%
AOL Browser 6 = 2.72%
MS Internet Explorer 4 = 4.53%
Netscape Navigator 4 = 10.36%
Spider/Robot (Seach Engines)= 26.64%
MS Internet Explorer 5 = 51.60%

So you can see that over 57% of the visitors are using MS IE while Netscape
represents less than 12%.

This will tell me who to aim compatibility at. I purposely seek softwares
that are fully compatible with NN an IE  and this includes my use of
Javascript or Java Applets. The menu programs I purchase are JavaScript
writters and these are fully compatible with all browsers indicated above.

There are always discrepencies when using the HTML compatibility evaluators
and I've stopped paying much attention to them. Most tell me that there are
errors all through the code which should prevent it from working within IE -
which, of course, it works fine in. So you have to take this with a
grain-of-salt or stop creating graphic pages and stick to generic plane
text - which is simply not visitor appealing.

Hope I've helpe you gains some productivity tips on the site.

For the sake ofthers, you might want to take this off the SEAINT list and
write me privately. I thought SEAINT vistors might find this somewhat
interesting, especially if they are trying to create an Intranet website,
but I can see where it is inappropriate.


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