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cut off wall in concrete transition

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Iam a structural engineer and am currently designing & detailing a burried concrete box channel as a storm water drainage system for a large project area. This box channel has a concrete transition at the inlet & outlet of the same. Conventionally every concrete transition should have a cut off wall. The civil engineer looking after the external works is arguing there is no need of a cut off wall & if povided in the drawing would be a sort of unnecessary problem imposed on the contractor. Remember iam the structural engineer incharge working for the contractor. With my experience & background of structural design of hydraulic structures i believe there is a definite need of a cut off wall. But the civil engineer is unnecessarily arguing. Its hard to shut him up. Iam using this forum to put this question before any learned structural engineer who have had experience of design of such cross drainage hydraulic structures to let me know his point of view on the subject. This will help me shut up mouth of the type of people as mentioned above. Thanx & best regards.
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