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RE: Architectural Low Rise Projects (Lateral Stability)

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> Subject: RE: Architectural Low Rise Projects (Lateral Stability)
> As a general observation, some of the architects who believe they
> know more
> about engineering than the engineers do can be some of the worst to work
> with.

In my experience, the problem isn't that architects tend to think they "know
more about engineering than engineers do," but that they don't see a problem
where we do.

To some of them--by no means all, or even most--we are being unnecessarily
cautious, picky, conservative and/or belaboring when we go into "too much
detail" about how something ought to be done, especially when it involves
changing things.

Many production architects (that is, those who are in the "head 'em up and
move 'em out" mode) have the attitude, whether it is expressed or not, that
"well, I've seen engineers who are just fine with what you think is a
problem, and I'm going to favor the easier/cheaper/faster solution."

FWIW, I've had homeowners do the same thing (with help from their home
builders who, having already signed the contract, are looking for ways to do
it easier/cheaper/faster, even if it means doing it WRONG.

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