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Re: Vacation - Company Policy

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I haven't seen anything worse than this. This seems to be the bottom of the barrel but all too typical vacation package for engineers. Similar to the "we provide pencil lead and a computer for each employee" incentive that is sure to woo anyone.

Nothing special by any means.

Last place I worked, 3 weeks vac. right of the bat and I took a paid week off when my wife had our 2nd baby. Unfortunately, I was bored stiff there so I left.

If anyone needs 3 weeks off as a minimum, it's the structural engineer. After all, he/she loses 1 whole week just trying to forget about work.


>>> se3949(--nospam--at) 05/25/01 05:23PM >>>
As a employee of a new, small (less than 10 employees)
company, My boss offered the vacation policy as the
1~5 years: 10 days
6 years: 11 days
7 years: 12 days
8 years: 13 days
9 years: 14 days
10 years: 15 days
11~15 years: 15 days
16 years: 16 days
17 years: 17 days

Is this what other companies did? or you have any
worse policy? 

J. L.

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