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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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Give him the benefit of the doubt and assume you caught him at a bad time. Set up an appointment with your employer where the time is dedicated to you. At this time remind him of his agreement and let him know in as diplomatic a way possible, that you were hired based upon the promise of benefits which are important to you. Above all, don't be threatening or offensive. If you enjoy the job and the learning experience you derive from him, let him know. Keep it friendly, but business like. The more pressure you put on, the defensive he will get and this is not good for a working relationship. Furthermore, the more ground you are willing to give up, the more advantage your employer has.
Your first mistake was not obtaining your work agreement in writing. If he has a company medical plan for himself, he must offer it to you. I am not an attorney and am advising you from my own memory, but as I recall, if your employer covers himself with a small business health plan, he is entitled to offer the plan to his employees. If he covers himself off the job (privately) he is not required to offer you benefits unless this was a basis for your employment.
Another angle to consider is that leaving a company three months after your start does not look good on a resume. In suggests that there are problems possibly related to your ability to do the job and that by voluntarily leaving, you may only be saving your employer the expense of terminating you. If you must leave, make sure the reasons why you are leaving are well documented in a letter to the employer - keep a copy in case the next employer want some explanation for the short term.
Don't burn any bridges and most of all, keep the discussion friendly. If the employer confirms your benefit package, ask that he provide the offer to you in writing. He may push off the starting time on your benefits, but it is my understanding that a 3-month grace period for health coverage is appropriate (my wife had to wait 3-months before she could be eligible for her benefits package).
I hope all turns out well for you.

Dennis S. Wish, PE
Structural Engineering Consultant
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I need everyone advice.  What if some company promised me all the benefits such as medical, vacation, sick leave, retirement etc...after 3 months working.  After 3 months - this company kind of not get any new big projects.  Therefore, I they did not provide the benefit as verbal promised.  I asked my boss how was my performance, and mentioned my benefits.  My boss said "you're doing OK, yes I really it was the time, we'll sit down and discuss this latter."  I loved my current work.  I loved to stay (I'm still wonder).  What should I do?  Stay or get my resume ready.

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Vacation? What's that?

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

James Lin wrote:

. > As a employee of a new, small (less than 10 employees)
. > company, My boss offered the vacation policy as the
. > following:
. > 1~5 years: 10 days
. > 6 years: 11 days
. > 7 years: 12 days
. > 8 years: 13 days
. > 9 years: 14 days
. > 10 years: 15 days
. > 11~15 years: 15 days
. > 16 years: 16 days
. > 17 years: 17 days
. > .
. > .
. > .

. > Is this what other companies did? or you have any
. > worse policy?

. > J. L.

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