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Re: Vacation - Company Policy

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Maybe I'm weird (O.K., I know I'm weird), but I always felt insulted when 
"benefits" were discussed instead of the work I would be doing or the 
knowledge that I would be gaining and using.

I have always felt that the individual should be able to take care of 
themselves and their families.  O.K., maybe there are some mundane jobs that 
can be performed by *anybody* and the wages are low and *something* has to 
attract employees.  And maybe these employees are the type that *can't* take 
care of themselves and their families.

If a company is using "benefits" to lure employees, maybe the quality of 
those benefits should be questioned.  Did the company select the cheapest 
health and dental plans just to say that they have benefits?  Do you have to 
be employed for 25 years before you become vested in their retirement plan?

When I last taught, students would come to me and ask me about companies that 
were interviewing.  Invariably, they would say, "But they offer great 
benefits!"  I would tell them, "To hell with the g-d benefits!  What are you 
going to be doing?  If you are in a boring job and hate to go to work every 
day, the benefits are meaningless."

If you love your work, then, by all means stay with the firm.  If there are 
no big projects coming in, then keep your resume up to date.  We've been in 
"feast" period for a long, long, time now and a "famine" period is around the 
corner if not already here.  Employment is at the will of the employer and 
anyone can be terminated at any time.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Ken Kirkland wrote:

. >  I need everyone advice.  What if some company promised me all the 
. > benefits such as medical, vacation, sick leave, retirement etc...after 3 
. > months working. After 3 months - this company kind of not get any new big 
. > projects. Therefore, I they did not provide the benefit as verbal 
. > promised.  I asked my boss how was my performance, and mentioned my 
. > benefits. My boss said "you're doing OK, yes I really it was the time, 
. > we'll sit down and discuss this latter." I loved my current work.  I 
. > loved to stay (I'm still wonder).  What should I do?  Stay or get my 
. > resume ready.

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