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Re: Concrete sealers/coatings

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I sent a reply to your question, using an incorrect Subject, so you may have
missed it. Then Bill Cain sent more info that may be helpful -- he gives
reference to a website that I didn't know about.

Here are both replies.

>From Nels: Sonneborn manufactures floor coatings, interior and/or exterior,
include options for the use of colors.  Sonneborn became a Division of
Master Builders.  Since then, there has been another reorganization, and I
have not been able to contact them by phone -- they provide the opportunity
to leave voice mail, but no return calls.

Perhaps someone else on the list has been able to contact Master Builders or
Sonneborn more recently.  I have not looked for a web site.

>From Bill: Nels-Try for the Sonneborn products.  It can also
be reached through the Master Builders site by selecting the CSI option and
the finishes section.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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