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Re: EOR review of truss calcs

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Besides reviewing the trusses for conformance to the project requirements, you also have to complete any bracing of the web members.  These web members will be indicated on the truss company's computer output.  The UBC refers you to TPI code and in that code it prescribes what you responsible for.  This topic has been discussed in the past and you should review the archieves.  A basic question to many on the list who are involved in manufactured wood trusses:  how many of you own the TPI code and have read it?

Neil Moore, S.E
neil moore and assodciates
shingle springs, california

SCHFUN(--nospam--at) wrote:


What is the standard of practice for the design engineer's review and
stamping of pre-fab trusses?  Building departments in Southern California
often require this, and some engineers are uncomfortable with the practice of
stamping the work of another engineer (the truss designs are typically
prepared using a proprietary computer progaram and reviewed and stamped by
the truss engineer).

Is the engineer-of-record expected to check the truss calculations? Or just
verify that the proper loading criteria was used in the truss design?

Steve Helfrich. P.E.