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Re: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?

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> >Can anyone give me any guidance on desirable structural engineering CAD
> >software for Macintosh, mainly for smaller projects including wood 
> >residences?

> Depends on your budget. If Claris CAD work for you, CADintosh is a 

> stuff and pretty clumsy. If you're loooking for an analysis package, try
> Multiframe. <> I haven't used it because it's
> oriented toward buildings, which I don't do. Graphic Magic also has CAD
> software.

It's rather nice that AutoCAD never made it in the Mac market because it
left it open for some really exquisite Cad products.

SteelPLUS Network (Division of Canam Steel) uses PowerCadd with it's
steel detailing software (not available outside the SteelPLUS partner
network). The guys that I know think very highly of PowerCadd.

I use Multiframe for some fairly complex work. The interface is STILL
very nice despite the fact that the Mac version is getting old (e.g.
lacks static second-order capability and eccentric connections but can
do dynamic). They have discontinued development of the Mac version, but
still support it. The PC version has grown into a more advanced product
and I may be forced to switch and run it on the Windows emulator.
Imports cad wire frames (PC version will import a cad frame and
insert/add it into an existing model). Can't beat it for price and
functionality. <>

Multiframe comes with a wood section database and you can get a Section
Maker tool that is simple to use and powerful.

There's a structural package called SAP ONE for Mac but I have never
fully investigated it. <> It's only in Italian
(documentation and menus) but they are looking for translation support.
It interfaces with Apple's 3DMF permitting fly-through of your model.

Dr. Beam is a simplistic beam analysis programme but handles 90% of my
beam what-ifs. Dr. Frame 2.0 (2D) has been released but is not a part of
my professional tools. Both of these include a different approach to
analysis which they refer to as REAL-TIME (e.g. you don't have to hit
the analysis key to see the results). No design checks - strictly
analysis and visualization aids, primarily for the educational market
but useful for keeping your finger on the basics <>

Check out

Paul Ransom, P. Eng.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
<mailto:ad026(--nospam--at)> <>

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