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RE: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?

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> Subject: Re: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?
> It's rather nice that AutoCAD never made it in the Mac market because it
> left it open for some really exquisite Cad products.

The problem with all this as I see it, is that you're having to work around
the limitations of your platform. IMO, your platform should be selected
based on your need for a solution, not your solution selected based on your
platform. An engineering workstation is simply too inexpensive to justify

I have asked several software vendors if they've looked at Linux. Their
response is uniformly "NO!" because Windows 2000 has become THE viable
platform of choice for engineering workstations. It would make no sense for
THEM to make a huge effort to adapt to the Linux platform when the Windows
2000 platform works so well, and is so easily implemented. So I use Linux to
run my "own ISP" and that's it. I use Windows 2000 for engineering (and
pretty much everything else).

The days are long gone when we had to lock ourselves into a hardware
solution because it ran the software we needed (I'll never forget the
problems my old C.E. department incurred back in the early 80s, when they
settled on a PR1ME computer system, and were stuck with it for years
afterward--it cost 'em a pretty penny that they had to amortize over
years--even though it was limited in what they could do with it in terms of
engineering software. There just weren't enough fully-developed packages for

Anyway, I love using a Mac, but I wouldn't even THINK of scrambling around
finding structural engineering software solutions for it. It just makes too
little sense, when you can obtain Windows 2000 software and the hardware to
run it so inexpensively.

William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas
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