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RE: Steel Hopper Design

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My favorite reference for the design of any bin or hopper, round or square,
is "Design of Steel Bins for Storage of Bulk Solids" by Gaylord and Gaylord.
It is an excellent text.

William Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC

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> Subject:	Steel Hopper Design
> First, thanks to all who responded to my fly ash inquiry last week.  Your 
> responses were informative and helpful. 
> My problem this week is regarding the design of a steel hopper for a grain
> dump pit.  I want to check the design to see if additional supports or 
> stiffeners are required.  I have equations (Rankine's theory) for
> determining 
> the normal force on the hopper bottom.  The pitch of the hopper bottom is 
> 10:12 (approx. 40 degrees).  The material will probably be 7 or 8 ga.
> steel 
> sheet.  The hopper will be supported at the bottom by a conveyor and at
> the 
> top by a concrete wall.   
> Any thoughts on useful references or other information to help determine
> need 
> for intermediate supports or stiffening? 
> David L. Williams, PE 
> Snyder Engineering, Inc. 
> Columbia, MO

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