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RE: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 8:40 AM
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> Subject: RE: Macintosh S.E. CAD software?
> Bill,
> So then, since buying Windoze 2000 and a machine to run is so
> "inexpensive", then why is buying code books and other reference materials
> so "expensive"?  Does this mean that you won't be complaining about the
> cost of code books/references anymore?  <grin>

Well, in the first place, the cost of a very powerful computer, and
(finally) a very powerful and stable OS to run it on (I actually think
Windows 2000 is--GASP!--good!) has dropped DRAMATICALLY in the last several
years. Would you not agree?

How does that compare with the cost of our technical references?

Secondly, I'm not complaining that we have to buy technical references, I'm
just pointing out--with no expectation of redress--how damnably expensive
they are, and how they have proliferated. I also think the price of gas has
gone up precipitously. Does that mean that YOU think that _I_ think I
shouldn't drive a car?

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