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Lack of Respect...

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If we can't get adults to respect our profession, maybe we can still get
the kids.  I noticed that the Disney channel often has short filler
segments called "Imagineer That!" that deal with the engineering aspects of
Disney's films and theme parks.  They obviously don't get very technical,
but it might inspire a youngster to pursue engineering.  It would be nice
though if the people that they interview would at least know the proper
jargon for what they are talking about.  I still cringe whenever I see the
segment on building Grizzly Peak at the new California Adventure park.
There is one part where the Disney Imagineer says "...then we pour the
cement into the forms...".  I not going anywhere near a 100 foot grizzly
made out of cement!

--Kipp Martin, S. E.
  Portland, Oregon

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