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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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> > Maybe I'm weird (O.K., I know I'm weird), but I always felt
> insulted when
> > "benefits" were discussed instead of the work I would be doing or the
> > knowledge that I would be gaining and using.

I came of age (to work as an engineer, that is) in the early 80s, and I
distinctly remember how things seemed to change very drastically within just
a few years after I started working.

The "old timers" who worked alongside me were actually the ones who pointed
out to me how "the bean-counters are now in charge" and how there was no
longer any loyalty of company toward employee. You could have been a model
employee for years, but if you were still a grunt, you were expendable.

During the "bad years" from about 1982 on, I was laid off three times. In
each case, I was part of a "batch" of employees that were "redundant" (to
use the quaint British term), and let go because the numbers didn't add up.
After a few years of treatment as just another expendable cog in a machine,
you might be expected to become a wee bit cynical and mercenary.

So yes, I have expressed interest at the outset as to what the terms of my
employment would be, including all the ins-and-outs of compensation. I
figure the company isn't hiring me out of altruistic notions of helping
their fellow man. I figure they want to hire me to do work, then pay me a
portion of what they are paid in order to do it. That's the way it works. If
there is no work for me to do on their behalf, they certainly haven't ever
adopted the attitude that "we are keeping you on board anyway, because it is
YOU as an engineer that we're interested in, NOT just what you can do for

Please. Let's not be naive.

William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas
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