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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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> Subject: RE: Vacation - Company Policy
> Gentlemen:
> As a firm owner (20 people), you be surprised how big an issue vacation
> benefits
> Are to new grads!
> I think I offer a very nice package of compensation and benefits in a
> relaxed work environment.
> I had one potential employee quite literally agonize over the 2
> weeks (that
> we offer to new grads)
> vs. 3 weeks that the ABC Company (300 employees) offers.
> Never mind that I was paying more and offered (I think) better
> projects and
> potential for advancement.

I do agree that the "younger generation" seems to love to play. That is the
reason they want the time off.

Now, can I really blame them in all honesty, since one of the primary
reasons I went to work for myself was so that I could order my own time? No,
I can't.

Times change, and so do the imperatives of the workforce.

People don't get married much anymore, for example. What do they care about
your splendiferous "family-oriented" benefits like comprehensive health-care
coverage and family sick leave? No, they want to know if they will have
sufficient down-time available to them during the year to go climb Mt.
McKinley with a bunch of their college buddies (that was one of the
situations I had with a new hire a couple of years ago).

Anyway, you gotta go with the flow, if you want to get people to work for

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