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Re: Discontinuous shear wall load path

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I think you are confusing the question with my response.  The quoted section below is from the original question, in my response I did not advocate applying Omega loads to the diaphragm, shear transfers, or shear wall elements; only to the supporting overturning transfer elements .
Paul Feather
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From: Bill Lynch
Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 12:16 PM
Subject: Re: Discontinuous shear wall load path

" floor diaphragm (magnify shear load to check strength level of


Although I usually treat any discontinuity in wood as I would another material utilizing omega loads

Doesn't the exception in 1633.2.6.  which specifically excludes strength analysis for shear wall systems (ie posts/walls & holdowns), collectors elements, splices and connections.  I don't think this is a wise provisions, but i assume it was put in for a reason. (probably political)

and if not what would you use as the "strength" design value of a wood diaphragm.

Bill Lynch