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RE: Jungle Resort

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I wonder if this construction might be for "Survivor IV.'"

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	There are some British publications that provide back country type
suspension bridge design and construction.  Unfortunately their web page
address is on the computer at my other office.  I'll be back there this week
end and will send it to you. 

	I would be interested in what your final design might be as I have a
possible similar suspension bridge design that may be coming up.  I have
seen and used native vine type bridges in west Africa. 

	Neil Moore, S.E. 
	neil moore and associates 
	shingle springs, california 

	Amazonat Jungle Resort wrote: 

		Hello,we are Amazonat Jungle Resort, located in the
BrazilianAmazon. ( <>
)We are in the process of starting a suspension bridgein the tree canopy
system.Is there any technical information out there, who canhelp us out
with;cable size/distances,connections to tree'swalking ways, tree
platforms,connections,strength calculations,etc.  Thank you,jacques van

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