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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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>In short, the standard for Europe is a failure,
I can't let this go. Europe is by no means an economic failure. And the 
gap between haves and have nots is nothing like ours. Their rail systems 
make our particular shambles look pathetic. That includes the Brits who 
didn't have to rebuild everything 50 years ago. The French nuclear power 
industry (government monopoly) provides most of their electric power 
needs and they've put together an excellent spent fuel reprocessing and 
disposal system. Rolls Royce and Mercedes are still standards of 
excellence, and the European aircraft industry is giving us a good hard 
run for our money. Much of our stanless steel is manufactured in Europe 
or Japan. And their cities are safe.

This isn't a knock on the US, just a reminder that we Americans have long 
labored under the delusion that everyone really wants to be like us 
because we're indisputably the best in everything. Rome labored under 
this same delusion. So did imperial China. In fact we're pretty good at 
some things, but attention to basic human needs (beyond patronizing other 
nations with gratuitous advice) isn't one of them.

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