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Hi everyone,
Recently I posted a question on roof trusses. Many people responded me with very good advise but I have some new doubts and would like to know your opinion.

Mark advised me to include 5 extra kips at the worst joints or nodes due to lifting. Did I understand right? How would you pick the "worst ponits"? Do you do it only in the lower chord nodes?

Then John advised me to add 10 psf for ceilling weight. And Greg told me to add from 3 to 10 psf for collateral loads.

Do I add this loads to the Dead Load condition, to the Live Load condition or as a new Collateral load condition?

For the initial truss depth, Greg adviced me to do a quick moment/depth calc and check against ASD tension check. Coul you be a little bit more explicit?

Thank you all for your kind and valuable help.


Juan José

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