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Was: Bridge engineer consultant needed Now: Collaboration Questions

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One of the goals I had set for the Structuralist.Net was to establish a Collaboration effort where engineers could offer their services to others than required specialists OR who had an overabundance of work but did not or could not commit to hiring more help.
The Collaboration forum received some initial interest (mostly for engineers outside the US) but the issue did not amount to much.
What is it that I am missing? While some engineers indicated a slowdown of work, others are extremely busy. It seems feasible, despite some of initial problems, that a collaboration is possible.
Would anyone like to comment? Is this an idea worth pursuing and if so, what would be the best method of instituting such a plan - a private network of structural professionals?

Dennis S. Wish, PE
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Subject: Bridge engineer consultant needed

A longtime client of mine has asked me to provide a proposal for a bridge
structural design. I am looking for a consultant with extensive bridge design
experience in the southern CA area to share the work with. If you are
interested and qualified you may call me at telephone # 818-889-0932. Please
do not respond back to the list or e-mail.

Thank You

Tom Harris,SE
Thousand Oaks,CA