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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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> Lots of people travelling on
> vacations or commuting to work on the trains--not one starving hollow
> cheeked children begging for cigarettes. People live pretty much the way
> I do. Except of course they don't spend so much of their time working for
> insurance companies.

That isn't what I said. I said that you might WISH to have all the "joys" of
European working-class--six-week vacations, bullet-proof employment
protection, guaranteed health care for next to nothing--but you will NOT
want to pay the price that they pay.

They have a LOWER standard of living than we do. It's as simple as that.
Little things we take for granted, like air-conditioned cars with automatic
transmission, spacious homes with large lawns, and essentially the
opportunity to order your life the way you see fit, are all practically
unknown there.

Here's one indicator: With all the focus on ILLEGAL immigration, people
sometimes forget how LEGAL immigration to this country has mushroomed over
the past decade or so. And while a good number of these immigrants are from
Asia and Latin America, about one-third are from Europe. Not just EASTERN
Europe, mind you, but Western Europe as well. If you check the "balance of
trade" between the U.S. and the E.U. nations, I think you'll find it's no
contest: Americans may go there to travel and sight-see, but Europeans are
coming here to live.

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