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ASCE 7-98 Vs. ASCE 7-95 (Wind Provisions)

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Our firm, based in Orlando FL, has an Interesting challenge.  A few years ago, our firm design the structure for a church.  The design at the time was made using ASCE 7-93 wind provisions.  Due to reasons I'm not familiar with, the church was never built.  Later, the ASCE 7-95 was adopted (not by everyone though).  Today, the ASCE 7-98 has been issued.  If anyone has design using the ASCE 7 during the last 10 years, you might have notice the increase in wind pressures from the 93 to 95 edition, and the decrease of them from the 95 to the 98 edition.  To make it short, the church project is active again, but the county now enforces the 95 edition (which will require a redesign, but more important a considerable increase in cost), however, the 98 edition is out but it has not been adopted.  We plead to the county officials and their response was:   If you can prove that the 98 edition is safer than 95 edition, they will allows us to use the 98 edt., otherwise the 95 edt. must be used.
Any input on this??
Mauricio A. Lopez, E.I.
Orlando, FL