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RE: Vacation - Company Policy

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>They have a LOWER standard of living than we do. It's as simple as that.
>Little things we take for granted, like air-conditioned cars with automatic
>transmission, spacious homes with large lawns, and essentially the
>opportunity to order your life the way you see fit, are all practically
>unknown there.
That's nonsense--you're assuming that life-style differences are a result 
of economic oppression. Cars are smaller there and more fuel efficient 
because fuel is expensive, but plenty of people drive luxury vehicles 
anyway. Air conditioned cars aren't as important in Europe as in Texas 
because Eorupean climate is cooler. Hell, even in Minnesota, you can get 
along nicely without it. My wife would tell you otherwise, but I think 
the A/C in my car is a bigger pain in the ass than an advantage. At one 
time even the fanciest European and Japanese cars had troubles here in 
Minnesota with cold starting and corrosion, because it isn't so cold or 
so salty overseas. But that's all been fixed. 

And there's less urban sprawl there than here, but that's how people live 
there. And it's basically a good thing, and we're seeing more of it in 
this country. (Socialism doesn't have anything to do with it--the 
mock-mansion crowd can live anywhere they like, so long as they don't 
spend my tax dollars and tear up city neighborhoods for freeways just to 
make their daily commute more convenient.)

>I think you'll find it's no
>contest: Americans may go there to travel and sight-see, but Europeans are
>coming here to live.
Still plenty of Europeans building Mercedes, Air Busses and Mirage 
fighters. They also ride fast, comfortable trains, go skiiing in the Alps 
and take vacations in Spain. I don't fault anyone for coming to the US 
for a piece of our action--but it doesn't follow that western Europe is 
some sort of economic basket case. Hell, I moved 3 times, considered 
moving 3 times more and switched employers 5 times before I was 40 to get 
what I thought was a better deal. Escaping socialism had nothing to do 
with it.

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