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I am very satisfied with Visual Analysis; however, I only design buildings, not bridges. 
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Subject: STAAD vs ...

I just started a new job with a transportation firm where I am responsible for starting up a bridge design group.  I have five years experience in bridge design.  At my old company I used STAAD for any frame analysis that needed to be done.  Now I am trying to decide what kind of software to purchase and am overwhelmed by the choices.  Obviously, I am very comfortable with STAAD, but have heard that has a lot of bugs.  I am considering RISA-2D and VisualAnalysis (IES).  Anybody have any advice for me? 
(I was told this would start a whole STAAD-bashing session that would last for days...  I apologize if this is a recurring issue -- I've just joined the list.  I'd appreciate anything you can tell me.)