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RE: Sap 2000 non linear pushover curve and Hazus

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The intersection is know as the performance point.  It represents
the expected condition of the building following the given seismic
event.  All "events" leading up to this point would be expected to
occur while those beyond this point would not.  These events would
include the formation of various hinges in locations defined by the
user.  You'll need to know FEMA273 and ATC40 fairly well to get
a better understanding of exactly what the program is doing and
how to interpret the results.
Mark Pemberton, P.E.
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Subject: Sap 2000 non linear pushover curve and Hazus

Hello engineers

I would like to know if someone of yours could help me with the
meaning of intersection of the Pushover and Demand Spectrum curves,
and performance point(Sa, Sd) in the picture that shows the program.
I would like to know how can I find the Inelastic Spectrum Response
curve or it should be equal to HAZUS 99 program?

Sincerelly yours;
Engs: Paul Gortaire & Jorge Ortega L

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