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cold formed braced frame

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any thoughts on the following:
Greenhouse structure.
Framing of light gauge, cold formed material.
K-braced frames and x-braced frames taking lateral.
How can I comply with UBC 2213.8 seismic provisions which were not intended for light gau. members?
Won't I  be mixing oranges and apples when trying to apply adjustment factors to allowable axial stress which incorporate Cc and Kl/r as in 2213.8.2.2.
Section 2213.8.2.5 limits D/t ratio to 1300/Fy which is far different than the limt of .441E/Fy of AISI Spec. for Cold Formed Steel Struct. Members.
I am inclined to design using AISI spec. for allowable stresses and apply omega to all connections and members.
Any thoughts?