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RE: Texas Windstorm Construction Code/Guide

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Title: RE: Texas Windstorm Construction Code/Guide
But on second thought, he might have been closer to right than me, because isn't the 1973 SBC sort of the "building code du jour" in most of Texas outside of the cities?
There is NO building code in any of the rural areas of Texas.  Under Texas law, only incorporated areas (municipalities) can adopt and enforce a building code.  I happen to be SEAoT's champion on this issue, and we have been fighting for enabling legislation for almost ten years now.  We failed again in the current legislative session, but we'll try again in two years (I just love part-time government, don't you?).  Most cities in Texas have adopted UBC, except along the Gulf Coast, where SBC rules.  Some of the more progressive cities have already adopted IBC-2000.  In fact, Richardson (suburb of Dallas) was the very first US city to do so. 
I sure don't wanna be somebody's girlfriend up in Huntsville for five years! 
My ultimate plan is for you to share a cell with your new friend, Sean Pedro! 


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E. in Dallas, Texas