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Sean Pedro's Attack

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Title: Sean Pedro's Attack

Sean Pedro wrote of Rush Limbaugh and Bill Polhemus:

"At least he has the power to control short-sighted, ill-informed,
who-think-they-know-it-all, jack-ass-cowboy- idiots like you."


As far as I can determine, this is your very first post to the Listserv.  Nice start!  What did you possibly hope to accomplish with this sort of stupid personal attack?

The last time I recall anyone entering the Listserv with this sort of scorched-earth approach was none other than Bill Polhemus, but his chosen subject was Bill Clinton, not a fellow Listserv subscriber.  Since then, Bill has made great progress, and the majority of his (many) posts address technical and/or professional issues.  He has contributed a lot of useful information, which even the most ardent liberals amongst us (I'm not one of 'em, but they know who they are) have grown to appreciate.

Bill is not short-sighted.

Bill is not ill-informed.

Bill is not a jack-ass-cowboy.

Bill is not an idiot.

When it comes to politics, Bill does "know-it-all".  Like Rush, he's right more often than not.

On technical and professional issues, however, he does not know-it-all and does not pretend to.  To the contrary, he repeatedly is more than willing to embarrass himself in order to get to the root of a technical issue.  Consequently, he is learning quickly.  For example, a recent post discloses that he has finally discovered that he can sell much more work in the real world than in the virtual one, and that networking is best done without a computer!

In summary, Bill has made demonstrable progress.  Hopefully, over time, you can do likewise!


Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

... where we have lots of land, lots of affordable housing, lots of electricity, lots of opportunity, very few liberals, and no property taxes ... [written just for NM !;^>]