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I would highly recommend that you find out what analysis/design programs are
acceptable to the highway department bridge design section in your
jurisdiction. They will be reviewing your calculations and program outputs,
and reviews go smoother if they are confident in the program you are using.

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I just started a new job with a transportation firm where I am responsible
for starting up a bridge design group.  I have five years experience in
bridge design.  At my old company I used STAAD for any frame analysis that
needed to be done.  Now I am trying to decide what kind of software to
purchase and am overwhelmed by the choices.  Obviously, I am very
comfortable with STAAD, but have heard that has a lot of bugs.  I
am considering RISA-2D and VisualAnalysis (IES).  Anybody have any advice
for me?  
(I was told this would start a whole STAAD-bashing session that would last
for days...  I apologize if this is a recurring issue -- I've just joined
the list.  I'd appreciate anything you can tell me.)

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