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RE: Porch Concrete Cracking

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> Subject: Porch Concrete Cracking
> Anyway, he asked me what I thought and if I could right him a
> letter. I said hell no to the letter, at least not with my stamp
> on it (I don't enjoy getting into pissing contests), but I did
> say I write him something up letting him know of the possible
> reasons for the cracks.


> Oh yeah, you Texans, that 850k equates to a 4 bedroom, 3000 sq.ft
> house in lovely San Ramon, CA. Now you are really jealous aren't
> you. (grin)

I'm afraid I'm going back to the "sealing" issue. Be VERY CAREFUL that by
drafting such a letter to him, and not sealing it, you aren't violating the
sealing rules in CA. I'll bet a Texas Jalapeno to a California Avocado that
you would be!

Oh, and here in my neighborhood, that 4BR 2 1/2 Bath 3,000 Square Footer
costs a whopping $160,000. Well, it ain't San Ramon, but it DOES come with a
color-coordinated Cottonmouth for your backyard!

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