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You might also want to at least look at RISA.  I know that RISA can do a
"moving" load, of which some of the built-in "moving" loads are for AASHTO
loadings.  This would be essentially be similar to doing the influence
lines for the AASHTO.

What I don't recall is if the steel design checks can be done per AASHTO,
which I believe varies slightly in some cases from AISC specifications.

Still worth looking into...good analysis package with really good product



On Wed, 30 May 2001, Bill Polhemus wrote:

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>   I just started a new job with a transportation firm where I am responsible
> for starting up a bridge design group.  I have five years experience in
> bridge design.  At my old company I used STAAD for any frame analysis that
> needed to be done.  Now I am trying to decide what kind of software to
> purchase and am overwhelmed by the choices.  Obviously, I am very
> comfortable with STAAD, but have heard that has a lot of bugs.  I
> am considering RISA-2D and VisualAnalysis (IES).  Anybody have any advice
> for me?
> I LOVE VisualAnalysis, but I have to be honest: It really isn't set up to do
> bridge analysis. But outside of limited applications, neither is STAAD. It
> has an AASHTO load generator, and some AASHTO design capabilities which VA
> doesn't, but they aren't much to brag about.
> If I were you, I would check out STRAP. It has a module available, called
> STRAPBridge, that was VERY impressive at least in the DEMO that I saw
> three years ago. I didn't pursue this much beyond that (I was also running a
> bridge group at the time) because I don't like canned demos, and refuse to
> purchase software based on a canned demo. I talked to the fellow at ATIR (he
> called ME), who publishes STRAP and STRAPBridge, but couldn't seem to get
> through to him--he seemed like more of a sales type--why I wanted a USEABLE
> demo, so I forgot about it.
> IIRC, the program uses influence lines/surfaces to analyze the bridge and
> help guide design decisions. It really was very slick, and if they have
> improved it at all from the point I saw on the demo, it would be well worth
> considering.
> I think you can get hold of them at
> Let me know what you think.
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