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Re: Israeli Wedding Hall Collapse Sharpens Quake Fears

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I'm sure you know, but you can pick up a lot of this on the Jerusalem Post,
internet edition.

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> Subject: FW: Israeli Wedding Hall Collapse Sharpens Quake Fears
> Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:33 PM
> My very close friend is Israeli. She and her husband have been following
> collapse of the wedding hall in Jerusalem last week. She forwarded this
> article by Megan Goldin (Jerusalem - Reuters) as I asked her to keep me
> posted of any in formation coming out of Kol Israel (the international
> that I may not see.
> I thought I would forward this to the group as it has an interesting
> perspective that many of us would be interested in.
> Regards
> Dennis S. Wish, PE

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