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RE: Residential Fee Range (Was Porch Conc. Cracking)

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> Subject: Residential Fee Range (Was Porch Conc. Cracking)
> As a further comparison, . . .
> In rural North Florida, the going rate for residential / light
> commercial is
> $50.00 per hour and the contractors and homeowners consider it to be
> excessive.  Residential design, in-depth plan checking, etc. like you guys
> out west have is unheard of around here for residential and most light
> commercial.
> I've stayed out of that market and focus on transportation,
> industrial, and
> telecommunications work.

I might further add, that the engineering market in Houston has always been
'better' for engineers because of the demand. Though we have a lot of
engineers, we HIRE a lot of engineers. The presence of the
oil-and-gas/petrochem/offshore engineering market here helps a lot. So does
the fact that many engineers here are of the higher-priced brands (chem-Es,

This has helped us to secure higher fees. Fountain Conner and I compared
this about a year ago, and I think he entertained serious notions of
relocating as a result! :-)

William L. Polhemus, Jr., P.E.
Polhemus Engineering Company
Katy, Texas
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