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RE: Sean Pedro's Attack

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> ...each side of the Atlantic has its pros and cons. I do
> not agree with Bill and others but it is no case to discuss it here.
> We can do it privately if you wish.

BTW, as is usual, those who knee-jerk issues like this missed MY point
entirely. As usual, they took it as an ATTACK on "somewhere else" (in this
case, Europe) than a statement that what might be acceptable elsewhere WON'T
be accepted HERE. I even explained why.

To return to the original discussion (briefly):

1. Someone said "gee, why can't WE have six weeks of vacation mandated by
the government here like they do in the socialist paradise of Europe?"

2. I responded "because here, we understand that there is no free lunch, and
that if YOU have a six weeks paid vacation, it has to be paid for
eventually, and to think otherwise is to display incredible naivete."

3. That got the ball rolling, with all these people feeling they have to
"defend" Europe: "No, you're wrong, Europe and Europeans have attained
Nirvana and we laugh at you American neanderthals."

Whatever. Again, my point is that we do things differently here, because we
still--for a limited time, at least--understand that government mandates of
ANYTHING are worthless, and that they hide from you the cost of all your
"benefits," and thereby have a lower standard of living, period. That's it
in a nutshell.

That some people PREFER it that way is beside the point. I know people who
wouldn't live anywhere else but downtown Manhattan, and I think they're
nuts. Sure, there are pros and cons, but in the end I'm talking about
UNDERSTANDING what those are, and not pretending that having trains that run
on time is worth limited freedom and government confiscation of the majority
of one's earnings.

Your mileage may vary.

Lastly, I have never seen where we have ONLY technical discussions here. We
seem to discuss all sorts of things that have an impact on our profession
and our work environment. Maybe the discussion drifted a bit, but I think it
is eminently relevant to the sorts of discussions we have here, why we don't
have engineers with government-mandated benefits like they do in Europe.

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