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RE: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)

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Title: RE: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)


While in Washington DC last year attending ASCE's OPAL/OCEA Banquet, I picked up a biography of Jefferson in the bowels of his monument.  That led to further study of his life and times, including his "second family", which had recently been proven via DNA.  (Before you flame me, go visit

By then, I was hooked on the history of revolutionary America.  I have subsequently read several thousand pages.  Some of the books were great, and others were awful.  So far, my favorites are "Patriots" and "Founding Brothers".  If you need full titles and authors, I will have to retrieve them from home, since that's where I do my recreational reading (excluding this Listserv, of course).



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Subject: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)

Hello all --

I'm looking to build up a library of good, quality history books and thought
some of you may have some good tips.  In particular, I'm looking for a good
recommendation for  (1) WWII,  (2) American Revolutionary War,  (3) Vietnam
War,  (4) Civil War.