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RE: History Buffs (Waayyy off topic)

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> And here I always taught in Texas that the root cause of the "war of
> northern aggression" was the refusal of the north to acknowledge that
> joining the united states was voluntary :-)

I was taught the same thing in Alabama. Then years later, I actually read
the declarations of secession of several of the slaveholding states, and
some other period documents, and realized I had been taught wrongly.

FWIW, here is a great website with many of the aforementioned documents.
They make fascinating reading. It is always interesting to read what the
protagonists themselves actually thought about what they were doing, instead
of what some modern historian thinks.

In the case of the Civil War, it is one of those interesting periods of time
where the people involved KNEW they were on the cusp of history, and they
took great pains to record their sentiments. What they said is, to my mind,
irrefutable in the case of what they themselves thought they were fighting

N.B. There is ample recorded evidence by the framers of the Constitution,
that they did NOT think the Union was dissolvable. That was one of the big
differences between the Constitution and the old Articles of Confederation.

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