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RE: TEXAS STUFF: Recent Legislative Action

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Title: RE: TEXAS STUFF: Recent Legislative Action

Gentle Bill:

First go here, for an overview of all current bills that might affect Texas engineers:

Then go here, for an update on the status of any bills that interest you:

You will note that there are active bills in both the House and the Senate to create a Statewide Residential Code.  Of course, since my practice avoids residential work like the plague, I have no interest in this.  However, some people flock to residential work faster than Jenna Bush can swallow a Jello Shot.  For them, this legislation might be crucial!


Gentle Stan in Dallas

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Subject: TEXAS STUFF: Recent Legislative Action

For those of you in TX, like Stan, who keep up with this stuff:

I was recently told about some "Senate bill" in the recently completed
legislative session that had something to do with "enacting ASCE 7-98".
However, when I asked the source for clarification, I got no response (this
was via email).

Does anyone else here know what that might have been about?

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